What We Have Done

Our Guiding Principles;

Honesty * Integrity * Respect * Ethics * 

Our watch words;

Class *  Value * Uniqueness * Results.



  • Organised First and ever “AROUND THE LAW CONFERENCE” in 2005 for all Nigerian Law Students.
  • We have provided pipe born water for communities.
  • Provided cash support over the years to the needy, most importantly, to the elderly, widows and women in need.
  • Carried out Mentoring Missions to over 100 schools across Nigeria.
  • Engaged celebrities to inspire and mentor teenagers.
  • Provision of relief materials to various victims of nature and circumstances.
  • Provided Health Support System to the elderly across communities.
  • Paid medical bills for patients in different parts of Nigeria.
  • Partnered  with other organisations to do various programs and provide support to the needy.
  • Provision of scholarships to students at various levels.
  • Capacity Building/Entrepreneurship Sessions for various indigent people.
  • Sponsored students at the Nigerian LAW School.
  • Enrolled/trained youths on vocational skills acquisition.
  • Organised KARIFEST AWARDS yearly to celebrate Africans, reward hardworking Africans, entertain, unite various ethnic groups and promote Africa.
  • Built and powered mentoring, leadership and business networking platforms across Africa.
  • Organised Excursions for teenagers to meet with leaders across Africa.
  • Provided materials and cash support to those on wheelchair…
  • Provided mobile counselling clinics in different parts of Nigeria
  • Engaged in community clean up missions across communities.
  • Supplied water containers to courts for toilets.

And the list goes on…



  • We have handled communications and logistics services for clients from different sectors.
  • We have consulted and still consult for individuals, leaders, multinationals and blue chips companies
  • Aided new market entry for products and helped in the growth of existing products.
  • Packaged and managed VIP events for ‘who is ‘who in Nigeria.
  • Handled sales and marketing of various products of clients from across the globe.
  • Using our professional ingenuity, we have designed and Provided unique corporate advert concepts that helped secured mouth watering deals for clients.
  • Published and still publish different magazines.
  • Produced and anchor various TV programs on KARIFEST PLATFORMS and also as commercials for clients.
  • Helped in the promotion of various goods and services for individuals and groups.
  • There’s no practical end to what the KARIFEST GROUP can offer in our areas of interest as services… just say it and it’s done!


However, OUR integrity, standard and values comes first. These are non negotiable!